Investing in sustainable future
A-100 Group

A-100 is the international investment business.

We invest in diversified portfolio of assets with the help of professional fund managers and directly - in long-term growing and sustainable businesses.

Adasonia Limited - our basic investment company est. in 2012 in the Republic of Cyprus.

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Zubr Capital
Zubr Capital is a private equity firm focused on investments in private fast-growing companies in the TMT sector. The team has developed internal expertise in a number of industries, including e-commerce, fintech, SaaS, IT-services, it has 10+ of experience and 3+ exits in portfolio.
Flint Capital
Flint Capital headquartered in Boston, is an early-stage venture capital fund. They invest in the greatest companies from the US, Israel, and Europe and help them by being a bridge to the US market. To date, the volume of the Flint Capital I fund is $100 million; the volume of the Flint Captal II fund will be $100 million; the average check per transaction exceeds $1 million.
4EVo team is building the leading Charge Point Operator (CPO) for Electric Vehicles in Eastern Europe. Focusing on Rapid charging, the company provides imperceptible transition from gasoline to electric vehicles making this new experience unforgettable. ​ 4EVo sets up preferable sites and grid connections for current and future charging points to meet the increasing demand and to turn infrastructure investment (parcel, grids and hardware) ​into high company valuation. The company works with opportunities in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Israel.
Founder and Chairman

Alexander Tsenter

Alexander brings over 30 years of business experience to the team and is directly attributed to creating lots of successful businesses (gas stations, residential and commercial real estate, aviation, investment company). He is the Founder and Chairman of 4EVo project, will be based in US and Europe.

Non-Executive Director

Andrei Charnysh

Andrei has over 10 years of experience in strategy and investment consulting in Eastern Europe. He has established more than 50 successful projects in financing and business development. He has a Master of Economics and is a participant of U.S. Department of State’s Professional Fellows Program.

Investment Director

Vadim Rogulskyi

Vadim has more than 12 years experience in corporate finance (investment banking, consulting, banking). Vadim participated in more than 20 M&A projects with total value of $300+ mln.
ESG at a foundation of our business


the lack of a charging structure is one of the key suppressors of the environmental trend for the growth of electric vehicle sales

development of charging infrastructure removes the source of pollution from cities - places of compact residence of people


we involve women in governance and promote diversity on workforce


being a multinational company with multiple shareholders we implement best practices of corporate governance (with the help of IFC expertise)



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